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Hi, I’m Beth...

...a photographer, writer, and creative. But mostly, I’m a mama.

I’m an early riser, wellness lover, and a fan of anything that takes me outdoors. Through this space, it is my goal to capture my life and the live’s of my clients - who are the best ever! I split my time between motherhood and creative work and often times, I’m doing both at once.

I’m a coffee lover and adventure seeker, but my absolute favorite place in the world is our home. My family is everything. My husband keeps me brave, my babies make me whole, and each day, they all keep the spark in my soul to continue chasing my dream of photographing love and life and sharing it within these pages.

My greatest wish in this big world was to be someone’s mother. I didn’t know this until I held my first born in my arms for the very first time. In that moment, everything changed. I knew God made me to be a mama and to grow tiny little souls on this earth so that they may make it a better place to be. I crave a simple life filled with joyful little moments and Jesus.

I truly believe I have the best job in the world. While I have ventured down many avenues of this profession, I’ve decided to move forward with weddings, engagements, and lifestyle based sessions only. Capturing the real, natural, and emotional moments in a couple’s journey is what makes me so so happy. My other time will be spent feeding little bodies and writing words in every single journal that I own so that I can share them here, with the chance to encourage and inspire even just one reading heart.

I am a mother, a photographer, and a business gal, juggling two babies and a camera most hours of the day. I am so incredibly grateful for this journey. Sharing our life and capturing yours within these pages is truly what I’m all about, and I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

I would like to send love and thanks to everyone who has supported me during this time. You have my heart.