finding my identity.

I have a watermark.  I have a watermark.  I HAVE A WATERMARK.  Thanks to my new and talented friend Laura, I officially have a way to advertise my photos and I am just so excited.  Starting this business and exploring myself as both a creator and designer has filled my heart with so much joy.  Being able to take photographs is something I take so much pride in and it feels so so wonderful to be embarking on a career that I love.  Love love.

a senior.

I had THE BEST morning with Diana.  I'm just loving how photographs can so simply capture the personality's of the tiny souls you've just only met.  And it's AMAZING how much you can learn about someone in under 60 minutes.  She is driven, expressive, and beautiful.  And those blue eyes...


one cloudy day...

a couple and their babes met me at the hill sides and I fell hard for maternity shoots.  Wow - there might not be anything so sweet as a growing mum and her family.  The afternoon was filled with rain showers that, quite frankly, filled my lens with joy, love, and spirit.


The only thing I have to say about this shoot is that it made me feel really old and it was really wonderful.  Sometimes high school nanny jobs turn into friends and their friends become your sister-in-law and then they become your clients and summer nights become ones we remember forever.  Isn't life funny?  I'm stunned with their beauty, inside and out.  


There I was, in the middle of a parking lot and pine trees and yet I had never felt more at peace in my life.  What I've learned about photography is that there is beauty every where and that everything is literally perfect just the way it is.  I learn more about myself from spending one hour a day with her than I ever thought possible.  She is my dream supporter, she teaches me that sometimes it's better to listen than to pray, and that however long it takes you to reach your goals is exactly the right amount of time.  If you live in the Rogers area, Yoga Spice is magical.  



The past few days have felt like a complete roller coaster.  To be completely honest with you, I woke up this morning and didn’t even know what day it was.  Lately, my Tuesdays have felt like Mondays and my Fridays have felt like they fall smack dab in the middle of the week.  Balancing a full time job and putting my whole heart into building a business has been extremely tiring, however, it has made my sleepy brain realize that dreams do not happen overnight.  Between researching legal documents and building my portfolio, 5:00 AM comes extremely fast.  Sliding into my tennis shoes and escaping to the pavement for my nightly jog couldn’t be anymore therapeutic.  Thank goodness for summer – thank goodness.  My family’s love encourages me, my husband is my rock, and Jesus continues to save me on a daily basis and all of these things are what keep me going.  Going, going, going.  My heart is so full and the utter exhaustion I’m experiencing is completely worth it.  Two shoots this weekend made me more obsessed with my camera than I ever thought possible.  Seeing emotions from brand new parents and realizing that their eyes are probably much more tired than mine brought a gentle reminder to my heart.  A couple's love combined with an absolutely beautiful evening made my Sunday that much sweeter.  I love my job.  I love it I love it I love it.  


I had the pleasure of working with this incredibly sweet and adorable family a couple of weekends ago.  Four hearts exploding with love and two boys filled with joy - capturing a family cannot get much better than that!