If you're reading this, I'd like to believe that you have stumbled upon this little place for a reason.  You've taken steps, followed your heart, and I would like to welcome you to my very first post.  While these pages will soon be filled with pictures and words I want you to be the very first to know that they are so much more than this.  This is my passion, my creative outlet, and like the title says, where my words run wild.  Here is where you can be expressive.  Here is where dreams are written.  Here is where my heart is full.

One Acre is a blog, a quiet sanctuary filled with encouragement, inspirations, experiences, and stories.  Where you can be yourself and nothing more is required.  There is no judgement, no worries, a sweet getaway where creativity comes to life and self discovery unfolds.

If you don't already know me, My name is Beth and I'm the writer behind this blog where it is my goal to use words, photos, places, and my very own self to share experiences to someone who maybe needs to hear a positive thought.  It is also a place for you to share your heart because I am eager to hear your story as well.

I am also a Wife.  An Organizer.  I am energized.  A free spirit.  I have a passion for living well and sharing it with others.  I can spend hours getting lost inside my journal and I embrace being active every chance I get.  Every other minute is spent with my husband, sharing coffee, discovering nature, and casting lines from his 98 Smokercraft.  It's a Minnesota kind of love and it is so dear to me.

I'm so happy you decided to visit, feel free to visit my ABOUT page to learn more.  I cannot promise you anything from these pages, however, I am very certain that there will be love and laughter if you decide to visit from time to time. I'm still learning but what I've discovered about life so far is that these two things are truly all I need.