find your light.

there will be hard days.  be calm.  release your shoulders.  be confident.  know that now is only a moment and that if today is as bad as it gets, tomorrow will be better.  be gracious.  clean your day from worries and let the light shine in on all of you.  be honest.  say how you feel without fear or guilt.  without remorse or complexity.  find your bliss, stretch your body, and always always remember that our happiness is not defined by our physical self.  discover its strengths and find beauty in all of its imperfections.  hold yourself steady and believe with all of your heart that the heavy burden of a negative outlook on yourself will no longer exist in your life.  the pressure to be perfect will steal your joy. be persistent.  beautiful.  if you believe with absolute honestly that you are doing everything you can, do more.  keep moving your body in ways that you love because this is when your true physical beauty will shine with far more light than any way you’ve ever wanted to look.  stay hungry for love and patience and the good days that too often slip to the back of your mind.  express yourself.  be loud.  make noise.  stand in poise and be open.  and then be silent.  breathe, close your eyes, let the sound of your breath be exactly what you need in that very moment.  look for someone to lean on and when you think you have no one, lean into yourself and be your very own light.

we were never meant to hold burden and pain.  we are meant to be new every single day.  be calm.  open your whole self into the sunlight of today and let yourself be.  just be.