give a little love today.

Around November, my blender typically begins to feel neglected.  Sometimes I wish Minnesota summers would stick around forever.  Sometimes I'm thankful for the white that surrounds my world during Christmas.  And sometimes it's February and I still just really need a cold breakfast.

Typically, I like to pack my smoothies with veggies.  I figure I might as well get the extra punch of nutrients if I'm drinking something that's going to taste yummy whether they are there or not.  This morning was a little different.  The banana's on my counter were going south, I had leftover coffee already brewed, and for some odd reason, they painted a pretty picture in my mind when I mixed the two of them together.

I was right.

If you are already a smoothie drinker, you probably have these ingredients laying around your kitchen waiting to be used.  Into my blender went  1/2 cup of brewed coffee, 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 banana, 1 Tbsp ground flax seed, and 1 small container of greek yogurt.  (you could also throw in a Starbucks Via packet if you had one, it would probably give it more of a frappe taste).  Pour it all into your tumblr, mug, or mason jar and enjoy on your way to work.

Happy Monday to you all.  I hope your day is filled with lots of smiles, summer thoughts, and of course, caffeine.