letting your plans fall.

My heart beats as I stand on this ledge.  My feet stand shoulder width apart as each heel presses hard into the earth beneath me. My toes are searching for balance, the heated air fills my chest.  My body begins to sway almost matching the twenty other bodies in this room.  My heart continues to beat, but maybe there is no ledge at all.  My 9 AM balance sequence brought challenges to my body and openness to my heart.  My mind drifts into a dream land during these times and I often wonder how the 60 most refreshing minutes of my day can go by so quickly.  Slow and steady movements, strong and proud positions, the short time in my day where my mind can settle, my body can work, and where I allow myself to become expressive in any way I please. So I ask you, what are you grateful for today?  What is lighting you up?

Take this moment.  Drop everything you are holding.  Rest your hands on the legs that have carried you through this week.  Step outside and breathe in with your entire body.  Lift your hands high as you begin to find that little something in your soul that makes you smile and gives you hope.  Take it in, embrace it, keep it safe.  Feel the coolness of your breath as you exhale and for one sweet moment accept that times where you do nothing at all are often times the most important.  Moments where you let everything go and you do it with absolute certainty.

I write from within this morning.  No purpose other than letting my thoughts create a story in front of me, loosening my jaw as one word unravels the next.  Stress is one part of life.  Holding onto it is another.  And then there is the part that we often forget about; releasing it entirely.  I am learning each day that when we find a little love and when we give it to ourselves and to the people around us, most of the bad moments in our day begin to fade.  I'm learning that when we remain peaceful in a world of chaos our lives begin to unfold the hidden beauty behind our chest's.  I'm learning that every new adventure does not need to be a scary one, that the money you made this week does not have to be spent on yourself, and that letting go of the life you have planned will suddenly allow the unexpected moments to become your journey.

So this ledge I speak of.  The line between the stress in your day and the moment you start to release it.  The separation from your plans to realizing with your whole heart that there needs to be none.  Where embracing your body will allow you to experience all of the amazing things it can do, where being kind to every person you cross in path will give you joy, and where for one sweet occasion connecting your body to the actual moment your mind is in will completely free you.

I ask you to stand on this ledge today with confidence, knowing that little moments of serenity might be the one's where everything begins to fall into place.