a sunrise date.

The scent of early spring surrounded me.  A motionless chill entered my body yet I’m feeling so thankful that each morning is beginning to feel a little less like winter.  Although the sun wasn’t beaming its heat quite yet, it was shining in the warmest way.  Its deep golden colors were reflecting off every sidewalk, every window, and every person that was awake on this beautiful day.  The line at the local coffee shop was longer than usual.  People were smiling and getting caught up in conversations that brought a softness to the busy café.  The majority of their drinks came in tall plastic cups with ice and this alone was my true sign that spring is coming to life.  I was walking towards my car and suddenly had this feeling that I had been here before.  It was one of those times where your surroundings immediately bring you back to your past even though your mind is more present than ever.  I looked down at my feet and saw the same shoes that I wore the thousands of times I had walked to campus.  The faded black jacket I pulled out of the closet this morning was the same one that I pull out every year around this time.  Even the yellow sky brought me back to warming spring mornings that January often makes me forget.  While familiarity consumed my thoughts, my eyes blinked shut because I couldn’t help but notice all of the things that were different. 

The songs in my head were no longer one's from the weekend before. My mug was no longer filled with caramel syrups and frothy milk.  Espresso and hot water made for a simple yet perfect sip.  And no longer was I walking to my 8 AM Anatomy class only to find myself analyzing texts from the night before.  Foolishly wondering whether or not this so called relationship was ever going to go somewhere, I just kept walking.  I blinked my eyes open and looked down at my phone but this time there was no need to examine the tiny blue box.  I saw the sweetest of words describing how his morning and my morning were exactly the same as long as I continued to look up.  Sharing a sunrise with my husband each morning, even if we’re cities apart, just might be the most wonderful thing.

Today I am thankful for him.  The man who undoubtedly saved my life and he did so with patience, with endearment, and most of all, certainty.  What is so crazy about relationships is that they are all so different, however, all of their outcomes are exactly the same.  My love for him goes deeper than oceans yet somehow my mother’s love for my father goes higher than stars.  The love in a teenager's heart is no more or less than that of an adult.  Love has no measures.  There is no expectations, no judgment, only two hearts that happen to beat better as one. 

With all of the things in your life to open up to and love, I truly hope that you find a sweet sweet place to settle.  Settle into over sized blankets and midnight chatter.  Dig your toes into a riverbank kiss and cheap bottles of wine.  Find calmness in his voice each and every time he sings to you.  And know that there is something about iPhone love letters and a rising sun that will suddenly make all of your dreams come true. 

Go on and love a little.