We found ourselves in the middle of a park this afternoon.  The eight of us.  My husband and my siblings, officially.  It was the four of us and our four dogs.  Let me just note that four fur babies and four goofy souls scattering their shivering bodies through an arctic playground makes for a wonderful and humorous Sunday.   It was cold, leashes were tangled, and other visitors probably questioned our decision to one, raise three Labrador puppies and two, attempt to walk them side by side in public.  The boys made there way to the river and I was able to sneak away with this beautiful girl.  Behind the shivering, the wandering, and the infinite laughter I found stillness.  I found warmth.  Whatever is pressing you, the non-stop clutter in your mind, is only part of the picture.  Look beyond the craziness.  In fact, find humor in it.  Look past the 24 legs that are wandering your trail today and you just might find serenity. Today I found a winding river, one million smiles, and the sweetest blue eyes that I've ever seen.  My heart and my camera are full.