Find Your Bliss.

Carefree.  A word to define my day.  I woke up early and spent the morning with my family.  We walked, indulged in yummy food, and practiced yoga.  I say this with an absolute serious look on my face.  We practiced yoga.  My mother, lover of doughnuts and all things fried, managed to mold her body through every tadasana, every back bend, and every downward facing dog.  I guess you could say we're all best friends and best friends do nice things for one another.  My family, a team of six and my favorite thing in the world.  The fact that they joined in on my practice solely because they know I absolutely cherish it means more to me than they will ever know.  Were we your typical yogi's?  No, not even close.  Some of us were on beach towels, some of us couldn't even fold our legs into a comfortable seated position, and most of our breathing consisted of uncontrollable belly laughs.  Despite all of this, for the hundreds of yoga classes I've personally experienced, this was by far the best.

Day after day God continues to show me that stepping out of our comfort zones is where we find peace.  When we begin to make changes  to our routines things become new and exciting and we learn.  We learn that life is meant to be enjoyed.  Love is meant to be shared.  And years of anxiety and frustration may in fact, have a purpose.  I have developed a passion for helping people heal.  Helping them breathe and inspiring them to be healthy in a way that works for them.  I do this through words and photos and movement.  I learned from each of my family members today.  Five hearts who have never stepped their feet on a mat stood there with poise.  I could see their smile's soften with every inhale and even though it felt uncomfortable and awkward they stretched a tiny bit farther and continued to breathe.  I know some of them would never admit it, however, I knew in my heart that they had settled.  Behind the noise, the laughter, and the Pandora commercials lied six calming hearts, something I never thought I would see.

I want you to be brave this week.  When a familiar road lies in front of you I want you to turn the corner.  Imagine the possibilities, the friendships, and the things you can learn if you decide to take a different route.  I walked to the river this afternoon and thanked Him for the wonderful day.  Carefree moments, new experiences, new dreams.  I knew exactly who I was when I woke up this morning but I believe I've changed a few times since then and it is such a delight.

Even if it's awkward, your uncomfortable and unsure, find your bliss and stay awhile.