love your life. love it and never stop.

Can we just take a minute to appreciate how great life is?  I have been in such a funk this last week.  I have been stressed and sad and to top it all off, sick.  I was rushing through every part of my day making myself believe that if I just get done with one thing and on to the next my problems would be solved.  I hate fast.  I hate being indecisive.  Let's face it, this week I became so over myself that I couldn't even function normal in society.  Blah. After a long and humiliating talk with myself this morning (yes, i believe these do exist), I managed to put my life back into perspective.  I remembered how I was so sick last night and my husband cooked for me, cleaned the house, and rubbed essential oils all over my back.  I remembered how Beretta stayed next to me all day even though the sun was begging her to come out and play.  I remembered how my weekend was filled with family and hockey and Rocky Road ice cream.  I remembered trying to take the perfect selfie with my husband that never even came close to turning out yet somehow his crooked smile and his patience made the best picture.  And then I remembered that while I may not have the perfect job or the perfect house or be in perfect health quite yet, I do have the ability to sit with my journal and write about all of the other perfect things that I do have.

When I finished this conversation with myself I decided to get up, write, buy flowers, drink frozen berries with raw honey, and lay next to my best friend of a Labrador while the sun shined on my face and heal.  Go tell someone you love them, take an awkward selfie, and feel so darn good about your days.  They can be pretty great when you decide to make them that way.