Connecting with Spring

I woke up to rain drops.  The sound echoed off my walls and as I came to my senses I realized the sweet drops were more than just music on this dreary day.  I said hello to a wet window sill and damp air.  I smiled.  Thankful it’s not snow, I welcomed Mother Earth and her decision to dance with April showers today.

I can feel Beretta press hard against me.  Like usual, she never leaves my side and on chilly mornings like this I absorb her warmth.  My husband is  sleeping to my left, his body rising slowly with every breath.  I smiled again.  It is amazing how much I love this man.  I learn more every day.  I love deeper every day.  And somehow he manages to consistently steal my heart with letters and music and all things collective - all of the things I adore. 

A quiet morning, my favorite kind.  I begin to think about my daily happenings and for the first time in months I have nothing planned.  I cherish these moments oh so much.  My body is still recovering from being sick this week and I decided that my stuffy nose and achy shoulders were the perfect time to say good bye to winter and reconnect with Spring in a healthy and happy way.  Now is the time focus, to inspire your whole system to start fresh and become new.  Finding ways to take care of yourself during the winter months can be hard enough and if we’re all hopped up on caffeine and comfort foods now is the perfect time to get back in touch with your body and your mind.  Here are some simple ways to greet Spring happily at the door this year.

Juicing.  In my opinion this might be the best and most efficient way to add vitamins and antioxidants and COLOR to your diet (and it’s so yummy too!)  I used to be a big believer in protein shakes.  Heck, I still am.  But the second you decide to skip the pasty powder is the second your taste buds will come alive.  You can suddenly taste ice cold berries and lemons and the most natural sweetness slide past your lips.  Here is my favorite recipe so far:

3/4 cup frozen organic mixed berries (I use blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries).  3/4 cup frozen organic strawberries.  A very large handful of organic Spinach.  3/4 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk, 1 cup ice cold water, 1/2 tbsp. raw Honey, small squeeze of lemon, and 1 peeled clementine.  There is something about this recipe that makes me feel so satisfied, so clean, so energized.

Sweat.  I don’t mean sit through a 60 minute spinning class or run five miles.  Find a sauna, a steam room, or go to a hot yoga class and let your body sweat naturally.  Release the toxins that have built up in your organs all winter long.  After you sweat replenish your system with water and lots of it.  This kind of sweating is so healthy for your body as it opens up your pores and gently detoxes the entire system.  You will feel so amazing. 

Use aromas.  I have a new love for essential oils.  I have much to learn and that’s okay.  I read a little bit each day and it has opened my eyes to a whole new level of healing, energy, and living.  Some good oils to blend with as Spring time begins are floral and citrus.  They are energizing and uplifting and can be extremely beneficial aromas in your home or directly on your body on rainy days. 

Let it be.  As the weather gets nicer our bodies have a natural desire to do more.  Running, biking, walking, and other forms of movement are such wonderful hobbies to have, however, don’t over do it.  Slow down, remember that allowing the body to be still is just as important as making it move.  Stillness brings peace to our lives during times of joy and times of struggle.  One of the greatest things I’ve ever learned is to inhale deeply and then with no expectations at all, just sigh it out.  It might sound funny to you but I can promise you with my whole heart that once you begin to breathe, you begin to live. 

As for me and this day.  I still have no plans.  Maybe life is better this way, I’m not sure.  The rain has stopped and light has found its way into my space.  Today has escaped my mind and instead I’ll think about the sun.  I’m just going to go to  a place that nobody knows and I’m going to forgive my past and I’m going to get lost.  Yesterday is gone and today is now and it’s lovely.  Maybe I’ll get a tattoo or maybe I’ll just sit here on five acres in my flower pants and smile because it feels so good to be happy and let go of my feelings.  No matter where you are today, look for love and life and happiness in everything you do.