My mom has always told me to keep going.  No matter what situation is occurring in your life, no matter where you find your two feet stumbling, and no matter who you are working for (including yourself), the key is to just keep going.  Lately, her advice has become a part of my life more often than not.  Between trying to be a dedicated employee and spending any free time I have expressing myself through my camera lens and photographs I have found myself completely stuck inside of a world that ironically never stops moving.  Maybe my mother's words are her attempt at guiding me to never become trapped in a slumber of monotony or maybe it is her way of telling me to keep dreaming and to never stop.  Whichever the case, today I had to put her trusting advice aside. A gray sky filled my morning.  I sat down at my computer to fill you in with lots of photos and recipes and lovey doveys because let's be honest, I've been pretty quiet lately.  I felt nurtured by the warmth of my coffee and the silence that filled my kitchen. As I began to upload photos my hands rested on the keys in front of me and as much as my expressive heart wanted to write and wanted to fill these lonesome pages, nothing would escape my motionless fingers.   As much as we crave our lives to slow down, sometimes even the moon makes it impossible.  Nights turn into mornings almost too quickly and our jobs and errands and to-do's seem to never ever end.  For most of us the key is to do exactly what my mama preaches - to keep going.  This is what I'm thankful for on a daily basis.  Other times, however, who you are in 24 hours when there are absolutely zero reservations is exactly what you need to ignite your spark as a happy soul.  I closed the lap top in front of me.  I rested my eyes, sipped on caffeine, and filled my mind with nothing.  God must have heard my empty thoughts because minutes later I felt my husband's embrace and he quietly asked me if I wanted to get away from the world today.  I softly smiled and nodded my head because as his other half I knew exactly what this meant.

Forty minutes later, Mother Earth surrounded me from sky to water, from a courageous sunrise desperately trying to show herself through the clouds.  For four hours I sat on our '98 Smokercraft and wrapped myself in the morning's breeze while I regained my ability to love wildly and appreciate the humbleness of my life.  My mother's words will always represent strength to me and they will be a very large part of my ability to work through both amazing and difficult times.  But before you go back, before you move your body, your mind, and your workload any further, be still.  Let forever be an actual place in your life, let your expressions be completely serene, and invite heaven into the natural beauties of your Sunday while the whole world continues to move around you.  The thoughts that you say quietly in your mind, the breaths that you take, and your ability to find beauty in complete isolation is so fully and perfectly powerful.