to disorganize your life.

Steady mornings.  There they were, piled together on our bed as if the vision I've always wanted in life had just come true right in front of me.  There is nothing I love more than my husband, my two babes, and a morning filled with silence, coffee, and prayer. I am often stopped in my tracks and reminded of how much pressure we put on ourselves to be people pleasers and perfect.  To do everything right the first time, to be the most supportive wife, the best friend, have the prettiest clothes, and the highest paying job.  I could go on and on.  It's mornings like this in which I am reminded, however, that having to please and to be consistently perfect doesn't have to exist.  Not even a little bit.  I walked through my bedroom, the sun was shining itself just perfectly for me to notice the amount of dust that had piled up on my nightstand from the passing weeks.  I stumbled through a pile of laundry scattered on the floor.  I noticed that my coffee cup hadn't been properly cleaned from yesterday.  And I smiled when I realized that the perfectionism I had constantly put on my life for so many years had completely disappeared.  I joined in on the snuggles and said hello to the most unorganized and perfect Saturday I could.

Let go.  Breathe.  Be really really happy with the cards you've been dealt.  It's a beautiful day.