writing your story.

This is a post for all of you that yearn to be free.  To run through fields with blissful momentum toward a setting sun and a rising moon filling your heart with freedom and grace.  Right now my loves, is the perfect time to chase your dreams. It is the perfect time.

The common thing that we are all searching for, in essence, is happiness.  Chasing a dream, no matter how big or small, has taught me that while achieving your deepest desires, the key to happiness is having the ability to embrace each moment as it arises.  Each morning, each breath, the parts of your day that are both over consuming and perfectly still.  It is living well and making choices that reflect the person you are at the core.  Over looking the reactions of peers.  Soaring through any judgements.  Realizing that what is inside of you at this very moment is everything you need.

Two years ago, I met myself and I will be the first person to admit that any consistent practice with getting to know yourself is going to have hurdles.  Little moments, however, where you find yourself falling completely in love with your very own story are when you will begin to understand that no matter what happens in the pages to come will miraculously create a happy ending.

A lot of prayer and five jobs later, today marks my very fist day of working from home.  At least for a while anyways.  As I reflected on my evening last night, I realized that sometimes chasing your dreams make for the hardest good byes.  I keep laughing but I think it's because I'm scared to death.  Scared of failure and scared of success.  Scared of never seeing those beautiful faces again but so in love with each of them.  It brought me rain showers and crying into the arms of my love.  Maybe rain brings growth and sunsets bring happiness though.  Maybe laughter and tears are the same thing.  Whatever the case, God is working and with open arms, I give thanks.

Living well starts with your soul.  It is consciously making an effort to understand who you are and what dreams rest within.  It is taking risks and it is scary and it is living one moment at a time and believing with your whole heart that they are all perfect.

And then it's taking that person and those moments and doing everything you can to make them better.

I guess you could say I'm living my dream, or I'm on that path anyways.  Here's to living and dreaming and being better.  But this post, it is for you.  The little darlings that continue to come back to these pages.  Take a deep breath, fill your soul with love, and go after your life with everything you've got.