let yourself soar.

it’s sunday, the last day of our long and wonderful weekend.  we were able to spend so much time with our family and friends and most importantly, each other.  i sit here in my quiet space, holiday lights filling our home and my chocolate fur baby resting at my feet.  i’m finding myself feeling so thankful for the time away from work.  the late mornings with coffee and sunshine - the early evenings with rest and my sweeter half.  i’m smiling.  in spite of this, somewhere between a slice of pumpkin pie and having all of this time on my hands i started to realize that even with long weekends and extended mornings, life and all of its greatness is exceptionally short.

i think about the tiny life inside of me.  i thought waiting an entire nine months to see you was going to feel long and then yesterday you gracefully moved your growing body and i felt your touch for the very first time.  i’m starting to think that these nine ‘short’ months may feel like a decade.  i feel you, i know you, i love you, and i can’t wait to see you.  

i think about my husband.  two and a half years of growing and love and miraculously feeling like i’ve known you for my entire life.  but life, and the scary time clock that comes with it reminds me again that these two short years are far from lifelong.  

i’m not entirely sure how i’m feeling tonight.  i’m caught somewhere between feeling thankful and intimidated.  i feel so incredibly blessed for the time in each day but realizing there are only minutes within each of them makes me want to do anything and everything i can which can often times bring my nerves to their peak.  settling now, i brush my toes across my labrador’s back.  her breathing is slow, her eyes are relaxed.  sinking into my own breath i think to myself that maybe living with every ounce of energy we momentarily have may not actually be a bad thing.  maybe living like my chocolate child is how more humans should be.  rising, nourishing, playing, smiling, greeting, pleasing, racing, jumping, befriending, cleaning, and then unwinding.  every single day she is so eager to do as much as she possibly can not because she is forced to but because she instinctively knows that her life and her family are worth everything breath of it.  

i think what i’m trying to say is that life, however we decide to live it, is going to happen much faster than we will ever imagine.  slowing down is beautiful.  in fact, it might be the greatest thing i’ve ever allowed myself to experience.  but there is part of me that still resists it and probably always will. 

never ever let the spark in your soul fade.  

to my family, friends, and to the tiny life inside of my womb:  i wish for your experiences and adventures.  i wish for your energy and light.  i pray for spontaneous moments and endless laughter.  and i wish for your never ending spirit to do more and see more in every single day.  not because you have too, but because you're worth every breath of it.

life is short, let yourself soar.