planning to make some changes around here with the new year approaching quickly.  while i think change is what i often fear the most, i also believe it is what i can count on the most in my life right now.  i aways come up with ambitious plans for myself that can actually happen whenever and wherever, but this new adventure in becoming a mama seems like a really good time to put some scattered areas of my life into perspective. so much joy.

working a full-time job, shooting a numerous of winter photo shoots, booking spring and summer shoots, growing a little love sac the size of an avocado in my belly, loving my husband more every minute, and trying to sweep my floors in between it all.  

craving saltine crackers and white grape juice every.single.minute. and learning to knit - am i nesting already!?

celebrating being DONE with the stomach flu, the launch of my new website [thank you Liea] and still squeezing into my favorite pair of jeans. just.barely. i haven’t been writing as much as i’d like to lately and it’s truly because i’ve been trying to balance my life with my work and now that things are finally starting to settle down i’m so excited to put more focus back into the things i adore.  

loving thrift stores and wise acre eatery. trips to whole foods. kisses from my hubby and fur babe. and blush [because i’m white as a ghost and doing my very best to embrace it].

thinking about my christmas list. i still haven’t shopped for anyone or anything. i walked into two stores today and they were so busy i turned right around and decided that week night shopping and white grape juice sounded much more enjoyable.  imagine that!

happy saturday. xo.