my first blogger meet up [and a photo shoot].

yesterday i met the sweet soul that designed my website, Leia from Leia Bryn. [if you haven't checked out her blog, i encourage you to do so.  her words are inspiring and thoughtfully deep].  i reached out to her back in October about the possibility of her helping me redesign and update my website and blog.  a very short time later she turned every one of my design dreams into a tangible space that i consistently work on each day.  i was really nervous to reach out to her as i had never contacted, let alone spoke with another blogger before.  about an hour later she responded to my message and over time, we created this space. [i mostly sent her photos and ideas, she and all of her talents created it].

later, she asked me if i would be interested in taking some portrait photos for her blog and also some of her and her husband, Guy.  two months later i found myself smack dab in the middle of St. Paul surrounded by birch trees and brick buildings and the most beautiful winter air.  it was the perfect mix of industrial and nature and i couldn't have been happier with the location she chose.  a downtown street square, urban restaurants, and Christmas cheer complimented her and her love just perfectly.  so much joy has filled my heart.

through all of this, i learned that sometimes taking chances brings us the greatest gifts.  i thought long and hard about e-mailing Leia.  she didn't know me and i had absolutely no idea if she was immediately going to shut me down or consider my inquiry.  there she was, however, open minded and talented and so incredibly kind and excited that i had reached out to her.  i never ever thought that one little e-mail would turn into this space and an opportunity for me to actually meet and capture the woman behind its design.  it is such a wonderful feeling to know that God places people in your life for so many reasons and He is so so good at it.

Leia's personality is as beautiful as she is and her husband and her were remarkable to work with.  in these moments i captured real and genuine love.  in these moments i was consumed with happiness.  and through all of this, i made an incredibly radiant friend.

thank you Leia, for all that you are.