citrus vanilla.

hi. hello. happy monday.  i woke up this morning with a strong intention to write but the moment i sat down to do so my journal remained empty.  i think our hearts need to break free from the cluttered thoughts that mess up our minds sometimes.  usually for me, that's when words come out on paper faster than i'm able to speak them.  today was different, however.  i needed the words to remain inside my head. God was speaking to me and he wanted me to think and process and mold His words into something that my brain could hold on to rather than release.

i find myself thinking about upcoming shoots and projects that i have for the year.  i find myself thinking about relocating and wishing we had our own grass to mow and garden to tend to.  i think about the baby inside my womb, large enough now to actually move my belly when he kicks.  i think about my job, my business, and all of the other things that are inspiring me to maybe try something different.  i sit here, listening to the trains and the wind, and i just think.

lately, what has been inspiring me is the exploration of simplicity.  instead of sitting down and researching new editing techniques or pintersting my exhausted mind on nursery decor and baby essentials, i have found myself craving tranquility.  not the kind of tranquility where you experience silence or self exploration [well maybe a little of that].  the kind that inspires me to visit the grocery store for juicing ingredients and every vegetable that is on sale.  peace in the form of laying in bed an extra hour because staring at my sound asleep husband seems more important than anything else.  experiencing the kind of life where alarm clarks and deadlines don't have to control your moments entirely but somehow do.  

i think it has become easy to find ourselves confined to a mouse and keyboard when the real way to create an successful and healthy life comes from being able to perceive the world from a point of view where there are no expectations.  zero.  where you learn that god's plan for you does not lie in the internet or a cell phone or even within your nine to five work day.  challenge yourself to speak to him, listen to him, sit in silence with him.  look behind what you already know and see if changing your routine and slowing down will allow you to discover something within yourself that you haven't before.

i will be honest with you and tell you that my soul purpose of writing this post was to share a recipe and somewhere between filtering my thoughts and drinking my entire smoothie, the words you just read came about.  i hope they find you well and i hope that the photo above didn't get your hopes up for something short and informative.  that being said, the drink above contains two clementines, a half banana, vanilla bean greek yogurt, frozen pineapple, almond milk, and flax.  measurements did not exist in my life this morning, but the act of smelling and feeling and tasting did.  let your heart and mind settle, let your senses explore.