he keeps me.

I have been in love.  I still am.  I wake up in the safety of his arms.  His eyes are blue like the salty water I find myself fearing and wanting all at once.  This love is real.  It hurts, it soothes, it let’s go and brings me back home.  I feel it and it’s lovely.

I’m married to a kind man and each day allows us to begin again.  

There’s something about sharing the darkness with you that brings me light.  Stories make sense and dreams sound tangible.  You tell me about your family who have so deeply become my family as well.  You whisper your love into my growing belly where our son peacefully rests.  You talk about the wilderness and how it will change his life and you talk about Disney World and how it will probably change mine.  I’m smiling.  

I’m falling slowly for this life we’ve created.  The hardest moments seem to disappear when we take the pieces of this puzzle and recognize their beauty.  So many littles just building and building and here we are crying and laughing and fitting together perfectly.  You kiss behind my eyes.  You sing my favorite songs.  We’ll be okay.  

Maybe it’s the way we always decide to stay even when our heart’s consider leaving.  Maybe it’s just because love is messy and life isn't a measure of perfection but rather a rotating world of moons and suns where my soul helps your soul dream and yours makes mine humble.  

This love.  This magical, holy, and all consuming love is something that I can never, ever live without.