Last weekend I spent Sunday morning conversing with the best of friends at the most wonderful Minneapolis cafe.  We laughed and reconnected and my soul was full.  That's what I love about her.  She's the best friend who has spent half of our relationship living across the country from me (sometimes south, sometimes east).  Either way, she is my midwest girl whom I've grown only closer with as the years have passed.  And the guy?  That's her fiancé', and I love him just as much.  Not because I know him like I know my other friends but because I've been able to watch my friend's beautiful smile grow even more radiant because of him.  I've seen [or heard] her laugh more, love more, and dream more than I ever have.  And that's what she is - a dreamer. The kind of dreamer I often find within my self.  And the two of us are just the best of friends because of it.  Katie Sue, I am so incredibly proud of you and I cannot wait to celebrate you and this man in the months [and years] to come.  Xo.