Wow! I feel like I have been away from this space for months.  I’m currently riding back from Colorado, a mini road trip Nick and I had been waiting to go on for months.  I bought him concert tickets for his birthday right smack in the middle of us building our house. His face lit up, a pure motivation tool to make him believe that he can do this; that the fifteen hour work days of building homes and then building ours during the evenings would be completely worth it. This trip was planned as sort of a finale to this year.  Our ‘record year’ if you will.  I’m not going to spend much time writing about our experiences this past year because as hard as it sometimes was, I know that I am forever thankful for that time and someday I will be reminded of its significance in our life.  We drove fifteen hours, drank way too much coffee, and hiked beautiful scenery like I’ve never seen.  After a year of working, business promoting, homebuilding, learning how to care for an infant, my heart had finally settled.  I remember leaving a nine hour work day followed by a client meeting and then a trip to the plumbing store where I sat on ten different toilets to pick out for our house.  It seemed as though every night was similar to this. I sobbed, right there on the Kohler, truly believing in my head that this chapter of our life was never going to end.  I somehow managed to find gratitude in my heart and to feed our baby night after night, but not always myself.  I sat on a tree about a mile up a mountain and thought about that moment. I saw a million beautiful things and heard absolutely nothing, as if my life was silent for a small second. It was quiet and still.  My husband smiled, sat next to me, and we looked at each other graciously believing that we had made it.  Still quiet, I was reminded that this little place in the woods is only part of the journey.  There is still so much mountain to be discovered, much like our life.  This year of our life, the messy and the wonderful, is only part of our journey because entirely, that’s what life is and it never stops which is such an amazing thing.  I looked back down the mountain and then up it.  I saw infinate beauty both ways.  And that feeling, the acceptance of what was behind me and what is still to come, set me free more than ever.  

The Lord, my friends, moves mountains.  And he will move you too.