My whole life, words have provided me with the ability to express myself.  From the time I was two I’m pretty certain I always had something to say.  I have consistently been the type of girl that has feelings about everything and writing them down is when I could listen.  It has taken me over 26 years and multiple journals to discover who I am.  Sensitive, piled with emotions, and head over heels for people and the amount of inner and outer beauty each of them continues to share with the world.  I am all of these things but I am without a doubt, still learning.

A college degree and numerous jobs later, I work full time for an agency in my hometown.  The happiness in my heart, however, stems from my family and the piece of my soul that continues to search for more in each day.  I want to create.  I want to tell stories.  I want every single person on this earth to fall madly in love with exactly who they are.  These are the things that make me whole and what has led me to embrace the present moment and ultimately to this space.  Behind every career lies a very beautiful human being with hobbies, talents, and gifts that go beyond their exteriors and I believe this with every single part of me. 

Four years later, capturing beauty is my job.  I get  to make people shine, inside and out.

It’s not exactly what I had planned for my life, but sometimes taking a different path can be a really great thing.  I still work a full-time job along with being a wife and mama to be.  But writing words and making people smile has opened up a side of my creativity that consumes my heart and excites my spirit.  I'm living my dream and I'm following Jesus along the way. 

Within my site you will find pages filled with my personal thoughts and stories along with my photography work if you’re interested in working with me.  You matter.  People matter.  Their stories, dreams, ideas, and who they are on the inside and out all matter.  I want you to love you.  

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me during this time.  You have my heart.