Riggins Samuel


Our second son was born on November 21, 2017. To recap a little bit about my first born, he was born via emergency C-section.  I actually had labored 13 hours naturally and had dilated to 9 centimeters, but within seconds, everything changed and I was being wheeled away from my husband and had to be completely put under. Nick wasn’t able to be there for the delivery until they knew everything was okay and I wasn’t able to see McCoy until three hours after I had delivered him.  He then was admitted into the NICU and we ended up staying in the hospital for six days until he was cleared to go home. I was extremely hard on myself with the birth of McCoy. I had every intention of delivering him naturally and every intention of going home the following day to begin my life as a new mother. I was tired and hurting and trying to heal, and I was sad. Looking back, I have realized that I learned so much during that time. I relied heavily on my faith during that hospital stay and long afterwards. My husband and I grew very strong as new parents.  And now, I fully embrace that experience and realize how much the human body is truly capable of enduring. 

Fasting forward to the present, I really didn’t know what to expect for the delivery of Riggins. I knew it would be a scheduled C-section and I knew my body had done it all before, but I wasn’t awake for any of it so I was actually quite nervous for the surgery. It didn’t hit me until about three weeks before his birth that I started losing sleep over the fact that I would once again be sliced open and once again be put in a situation where our hospital stay could be much longer than expected. I was doubting having a second child and became really hard on myself that McCoy would no longer be my everything.

I was assured by many, however, that this time around would be much much different (and that McCoy could and would still be my everything).

I was awake from midnight until we had to check in at the hospital at 5:15 the morning of his delivery. We pretty much just laid in bed and talked about how weird it was knowing the exact moment our baby was going to enter our life. I was five days overdue with  McCoy so my pregnancy with him felt extremely long. But with this pregnancy, the date had been on my calendar for months, so the anticipation was sort of killing me by November 20th, even though I was able to deliver him at 39 weeks.  I got out of bed around 4 AM, packed our bags, and showered. I remember looking at my belly one last time  and thinking, ‘this could be it, this could be our last pregnancy.’  All of a sudden the extremely hard moments in pregnancy disappeared andI truly felt beautiful. I realized that this is what my body was made to do. So let’s go have a baby!

We checked in, changed into our gowns, and settled into our room very quickly. The nurses had me prepped extremely fast. They were so casual, like prepping a lady to be cut open was an easy task and like handling needles and little tools was something they could pretty much do blind folded. Nick sat next to me, drinking his Holiday coffee, telling me I was doing great (as if I was in labor). There was music playing on the television sound system and then I was given two new nurses - the one’s who would be there during my delivery.  An emergency C-Section had come in that morning so we received news that we had to wait until she had delivered, so my 7 AM start time was pushed back a bit. I was so at peace with it all I didn’t mind. I also was quite fascinated just watching my nurses. If you are a nurse by the way- you are AMAZING and should be rewarded on a daily basis with coffee and cookies and do NOT get enough credit for the work you do, xo.

Before we knew it, it was time to walk down to the operating room. I held hands with Nick, got on the table, received my spinal, and literally 10 minutes later Riggins was born. It happened so fast, so peaceful, and with such ease, I truly could not believe it.

He was born at 8:54 AM weighing 8 pounds 5 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long. 

Pregnancy is amazing. Giving birth is amazing. No matter what situation you are put in.  Riggins is an extremely content baby and we were sent home a day earlier than expected (on Thanksgiving). We picked up McCoy, had a wonderful time with family, and quickly entered the world of parenting two. 

And it is so so wonderful.

What I’ve learned through all of this is infinite. Childbirth goes deeper than the tiny humans we create. Both deliveries have taught me that God is certain, He has a plan for your future, and he will take you to places in which you would not be able to go on your own, and for Him, I am so grateful.