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A few months ago, I made the decision to begin the transition into non-toxic beauty products. I jumped into Beautycounter fairly quick because I tried the products and immediately loved them, but the more I’ve learned about the importance of safer skin care and cosmetics, sharing about it has very quickly become a passion of mine. At first, the products themselves were important to me because I felt like I had finally found something that actually worked. As I began to dig more into Beautycounter’s mission and why it is so important to check the ingredients on our labels, I then realized why they worked and why caring about the ingredients in our products is so important! It sounds silly but Beautycounter was the answer to many challenges that were occurring in my life - and here is why:


I promise you this:

if you start to slowly transition yourself into safer, non-toxic beauty products, a positive shift will start to occur in your life and the majority of that shift comes from the feeling that you are making your health and the health of your family a top priority.

I wasn’t informed. I have always valued my health. I exercise and eat a balanced diet and most importantly, I try to be the best example to my kids when it comes to their well-being. There are so many avenues to living healthy, like taking vitamins, using safe cleaning products in our homes and on toys, and allowing our kids to grow up in a positive environment where they don’t need to look a certain way in order to feel good about themselves. Before Beautycounter, I didn’t realize that there is a health avenue that a lot of us don’t always consider, and that is going beyond what is going into our bodies, but rather what is going on them. We live in world that is fueled by the development + sale of millions of products. The FDA is what regulates this industry and interestingly enough, they have no authority to remove any of the harmful ingredients that is going into all of those products.

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After two mornings I looked and more importantly felt better!


Beautycounter products perform. To be completely honest, I reached out to an old co-worker of mine because I remembered seeing on Facebook that she represented a skin care company. I was at a point with my skin where I felt like nothing was working. I was dealing with some hormonal breakouts after delivering Riggins and my face looked tired and dry. She brought me some things to try over the weekend and within two days I looked and more importantly felt better. The products didn’t hurt like many other products I was trying and I woke up after two mornings actually looking better! I was so impressed with these products and truly happy with the transformation I saw happening because of them.



Beautycounter has saved me time and money.

Beautycounter is the one stop shop for all. I used to product hop a lot. I felt like I was spending a lot of energy searching for the best and most organic skin care and beauty products. I would buy something and realize that it wasn’t performing and return it. I tried other skin care companies and was getting automated shipping and charged for products that I didn’t need and it was so frustrating. Every time I went to Target I’d grab another moisturizer to try and I was making unnecessary trips and spending useless time in Ulta and Sephora that always left me unhappy or making a trip back to make an exchange. Because of Beautycounter, I feel like I’m not wasting my time or my money on things I won’t like. Beautycounter makes things extremely simple.  If I’m running low on something, I go to Beautycounter and place an order and then I go on with my life. I know that what I’m purchasing will perform and I know that I don’t need to worry about the ingredients going on my skin.


Beautycounter helped me emotionally. I am a mama of two. My youngest was about 6 months old when I first started this journey. I struggled some with postpartum depression after his birth and it continued on for quite some time. When I first reached out to my friend about Beautycounter, I truly was just looking for something that would improve my skin. By the end of the weekend that I sampled some products, I was hooked on them. I started doing some research on Beautycounter and realized that their mission and the company overall completely aligned with my beliefs of living a healthy and clean lifestyle.

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I believe in this…

I’m a Beautycounter consultant and I truly love the company – their mission, their products and their affordable pricing for high-quality, safe products.

That night I decided to become a consultant and since then, my emotional health has really made a positive shift. I’ve met some really great people who have became such great friends, and it is a really good outlet for me to have that allows me to put forth effort into something other than my kids and my photography business. I’m making a conscious effort to switch to safer beauty and skincare products — and Beautycounter has been the best way for me to do that. I love their products, I don’t have to do a ton of research since I know all their stuff is safe, and it’s not crazy expensive. And running a business within this company is fun and their compensation plan is simple and has been a great source of extra income! I would love to help you make the switch to safer beauty products too, even if it’s a slow transition, which is what I’ve been doing. 

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